Electric motor drive

The operating procedure of the electric motors mro supply is something much easier to understand what most people think. This machine is capable of performing the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, economical and very efficient. The drive is part of the initial operation of the engines and why it is so important.

The electrical control is a very important part for the operation of engines, it is with him that the professional can have more control of this machine and can also prevent future problems in it. The engine has undergone significant changes over the years and today is among the most machines used in industry and trade.

Understanding the operation of the engine is a simple process in order to make the energy conversion uses the principles of electromagnetism. Within its internal structure, the engine has specific pieces to make this conversion and keep its maintenance is very important.

Understand the criteria used to choose the right electric motor

To choose and an electric motor to meet the needs already have on the market computer programs that have been developed specifically to meet this need.

One of the programs used in selecting the best electric motor is BDMotor, the program allows the electric motor choice is made through the following parameters which are average line current, shaft speed and also the three phase power input.

Not taken into account procedures that favor process optimization and that takes into account the result that the final choice of the electric motor is not ideal and so the magnetic losses is energy efficiency.

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So that the electric motor is chosen as best as possible should be taken into account criteria such as: effective power, maximum torque of the electric motor in conjunction nominal and starting, acceleration time and also power available.

How does the automotive electric motor

It is not news to anyone that the electric motors are also present in the automotive segment, this reality has brought significant changes and just showing how this engine can serve very different purposes, always effectively and efficiently. Economics is also a very important quality in these engines.

The automotive electric motor has an internal function that is different from other types of engines, but in short it has the same function that is doing the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and it manages to move the vehicle. Today it is possible to find various types of vehicles that are being tested with the application of these engines.

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For many of these automotive electric motors it is a new reality, but actually is not. For years now the sector has been testing this machine in order to launch more modern and fuel-efficient vehicles in the Brazilian automobile market, so much so that we have several tests and many of them effective.

Load influences interfere with electric motor efficiency

When an electric motor is operating under load, the frequency of reversals and matches will be allowed per hour, but they will be lower than the frequency of reversals and matches that occur when the electric motor is empty and this is due to the increase of electromagnetic losses electric motor VL3506 75HP 3450RPM.

To determine the matches and reversions will be necessary to check the power the electric motor provides and the service arrangements that the electric motor will be submitted.

The loss of the three-phase electric induction motor may be in the range of 50% to 150% of nominal load, as it is decayed as the square of the power that is given by the electric motor.

The conjugate acceleration in turn, is nothing more than the difference between the torque of the electric motor with the machine load torque.

Why use electric motor

There are several reasons that may convince you to use the electric motor. The main one is always related to economic efficiency. This machine is one of the most appropriate when it comes to economy and good performance, so it is being increasingly recommended for a variety of processes and products magpowr.

Transport, installation and maintenance of this machine are also points not favorable and that makes the electric motor stand out among other products that have the same functionality it. Worth doing a good analysis of the product to understand why it is worth purchasing the same.

The economy is always the main factor when it comes to using this engine. He is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and so can be present both in industrial processes, as well as in various equipment that we use in our day-to-day.

Learn more about the rotor that integrates the electric motor

The DC electric motor also called DC current is an engine that performs its function being assisted by direct current. The DC electric motor is composed of four parts which are: the rotor ring switch, and stator brushes.

The rotor which is also known as armor, has one or more bearings and when these bearings are supplied with power, it creates a magnetic field. The magnetic poles of the rotor field are attracted to the opposite poles that are created by the stator so the rotor turns.


As the electric motor comes into operation, the bearings are always receiving power in sequence and so the magnetic poles that are caused by the rotor can not overcome the poles that are created by the stator. This change of field occurs in the rotor bearings received the switching name.